About Geometrik - Acoustic Ceiling Panels - Wall Paneling


Geometrik is the only custom manufacturer of high quality wood acoustical ceiling and wall panels on the west coast of Canada. Located in West Kelowna, B.C., near the U.S. border, Geometrik offers a unique blend of experience, engineering expertise and manufacturing capability.


The dry climate in West Kelowna is ideal for wood manufacture while the lower operating costs allow us to pour extra value into our products.


Our highly motivated team of skilled workworkers and artisans carefully craft our panelling to exacting standards, giving you the ultimate in sound control and beauty.


As wood manufacturers, Geometrik is committed to innovation and quality, utilizing the best materials, hardware, and the latest construction methods,


We also believe in superior customer service. When you call, we are there to answer the phone.



We promise you prompt answers to your enquiries, professional workmanship, and sound control that will merge seamlessly with your room or facility design. Whether you choose from one of our standard ceiling or wall designs or place a custom order, your panels will be shipped on-time and on-budget.

Meet Vladimir & Natasha

Geometrik owners Vladimir Bolshakov and Natasha Bolshakova have more than 15 years' experience in manufacturing wood acoustical ceiling and wall panels, working for leading suppliers in Europe and North America.


Originally from the Ukraine, they met while attending university in Odessa. Vladimir graduated with a degree in manufacturing engineering from the Academy of Manufacturing and Refrigeration while Natasha earned her degree in manufacturing economics from the Academy of Marine Engineers.They have been hired as a team by wood acoustical panel manufacturers in Europe and North America, with Vladimir working as a plant and manufacturing manager and Natasha employed as a senior estimator.


After 15 years' working for others, they decided to apply their engineering and financial management expertise to their own business. The result is Geometrik's high end accoustical ceiling and wall panels which are being ordered by architects, designers and builders across North America.


To discover how Geometrik's products can enhance your project, click here for a free estimate on our wood acoustical ceiling and wall panels.