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Are you looking for the right solution to help reduce the noise pollution in your office so you or your staff can focus better? Or maybe you’re an architect building or renovating business close to an airport, noisy highway or other high traffic location and looking to combine noise reduction with just the right wall paneling style?


Maybe you’re a homeowner building a studio for your band to practice in or just want a quiet place to paint, practice your arts and crafts away from the kids.... or just a place you can shut out the noise of the outside world.


Design, Engineering And Manufacturing Of Custom Wood Acoustical Ceiling & Wall Systems – Seattle, WA

With over 30 years of combined experience designing, engineering and manufacturing soundproofing and noise reduction systems, Geometrik has worked extensively with architects and construction teams to help design stunning interiors solutions and implemented thousands of noise reduction wall to wall and wood ceiling panels in a variety of structures.


At Geometrik we deliver custom wood acoustical wall and ceiling systems for:








community structures,


commercial buildings, and


residential buildings


Architect looking for a quality wood panels for your project?

Stanford Law Building

By utilizing the best materials, hardware, and the latest construction methods Geometrik can custom manufacture high quality wood acoustical ceiling and wall panels to any specification! Every product line is highly customizable to meet your standards and project requirements.


If you an architect looking for Class A Fire Rated product or/ and the wood ceiling that can contribute to you targeted LEED Certification Geometrik wood ceiling is your solution.


If you are an architect seeking sound proofing solutions in Seattle, WA, Geometrik designs and creates acoustical tiles and other soundproofing solution materials for Auditoriums, Courthouses, Universities, School, Community Centers, Hospitals, Airports and more. Click here to browse our Portofolio to see how our product can help to enhance your project.


Geometrik provides various types of local, North American and exotic wood specie for your architectural designs. All wood finishes for acoustical wood panels can be matched to any of your decorators colour chip samples. Click here to find out more.

If you an architect looking to incorporate standard installation details into your project or pre-formatted Architectural Specification Guide for one of our product please call us or visit our website


If you are dedicated to - and passionate about - finding the right solution for a visually stunning and acoustically practical environment Call Geometrik today. Toll Free: 888-306-0024


LEED Professional looking for a product that can contribute to a LEED certification?


Geometrik wood acoustical panels can contribute  towards you targeted LEED Certification. Please click here to find out more.

Acoustic Consultant looking for an acoustical solution for your project?

Looking for the best sound proofing for your project? Wood acoustical panels are your best solution for any project! Geometrik acoustic panels are where natural wood meets with the architecture of your building. View the variety of stylish panels created to suit any acoustical application.


Then contact us for your soundproofing needs!


Installer looking for affordable and easy to install  wood ceiling and wall panels for your client?

Morton Resindence Media Room

2011 Tommie Award

Geometrik Wood Acoustical Ceiling and Wall Panels are installed using standard clips like Z-Clips, Torsion Springs etc. Some of our panels are installed using a specialty clips engineered and developed by Geometrik team that allow considerably speed up the installation process. Almost all of our clips are compatible with standard 15/16 heavy duty grid.


Geometrik provides complete installation instructions as part of the standard submittal process. Our project management team is always available to answer all your product installation questions.  Geometrik production lead time is one of the shortest in the industry and depend on size and uniqueness of the project. Rest assured your order will arrive on time without delay.


Geometrik is Seattle’s best custom wood ceiling and wall systems provider.


The only custom manufacturer of high quality wood acoustical ceiling and wall panels on the west coast of Canada, Geometrik is located in West Kelowna, B.C., near the U.S. border. Geometrik offers a unique blend of experience, engineering expertise and manufacturing capability.


Call us today at 1-888-306-0024 Toll Free, view our site for more information, or fill out our online request form for a free quote!