Entering the direct to customer market in the Midwest and East Coast United States has created new opportunities for our company and to those interested in selling our product independently. We are currently interested in building new relationships with skilled Independent Representatives from our industry selling products in division 9.

If you are interested in our current Independent Sales or Career Opportunities please click here.


Over the last two years, we realised the importance and role direct manufacturers play in the industry. We listened closely to the market and identified that current construction environment strives in competitive market prices and ability to reach your project managers at your convenience and without barriers. You spoke and we listened. We are excited to announce that you are able to purchase Geometrik Wood Ceilings and Walls Directly from us giving you a direct manufacturer price advantage and stronger control of your project schedules. Feel free to contact our office or your regional sales representative to find out more. Please use our find a rep tab to conveniently reach out to assigned representatives in your region.

Why Geometrik

We focus on bringing customer needs to the table and providing custom workable solutions in acoustical wood ceilings and walls. Our team of industry professionals is dedicated to bring you ready-to-install, fully customizable acoustical wood product lines with endless acoustical and aesthetic applications. As a company and an active member of the business community, our company strongly promotes use of green building materials and actively pursues introduction of green production technologies into our manufacturing processes.

Ready to Install

We believe in making life simple and therefore all our products are outfitted with simple and efficient installation options. Ask your local manufacturer representative or distributor about Geometrik installation hardware that may be best suited for your project and needs.

Fully Customizable

Making projects unique is our passion. From traditional to contemporary, Geometrik can turn a project vision into reality using our high-quality wood paneling systems. We put creativity and design into your hands by providing a wide array of stains, veneers and product configurations.

Endless applications

Acoustical wood ceilings have a sense of beauty, warmth and elegance unlike any other resource. Geometrik wood ceilings can be applied in virtually any commercial space that requires high level of acoustics or aesthetics. We invite you to explore our portfolio of projects and discover where beauty of natural wood meets architecture.


With the ongoing development and technological changes in the industry, we have strived to ensure our company is a leading example of adaptability and efficiency. Through the use of new industry technologies, we are able to provide efficient lead times and reduce or remove any environmental impact of wood processing, manufacturing, and finishing.