About Geopanel Symfonia

High quality acoustical performance is essential in performance spaces such as concert halls, auditoriums and cathedrals. Geopanel Symfonia absorbs and reflects sound waves to create clarity and strength of sound for listeners.

As its floating appearance suggests, Geopanel Symfonia flows sound smoothly through a space, providing audiences with a superior listening experience.

These panels are available is a variety of standard and custom sizes, finishes and shapes to meet architectural and acoustical requirements of projects of any scale. Prefabricated panels are available for a ready-to-install product to drastically reduce labour costs and requirements. Installation of the Geopanel Symfonia is fast, easy and does not usually require any special hardware.


Acoustic Reflectors

Geometrik Symfonia I Acoustic Reflectors can be used in a variety of applications that require precise performance attributes. These panels can be used to accomplish the following:

  • Improve sound distribution
  • Distribute sound energy to focused areas
  • Increase early reflections in fan-shaped rooms
  • Increase overall sound levels

Geometrik Reflectors are installed above the sound source and over the audience seating area. Ceiling panels are typically placed at an angle, and shallow vertical angles are used to redirect sound to seating areas behind the reflectors. Steeper vertical angles are used to redirect sound downwards, to seating below the reflectors.

Product Styles

Geopanel Symfonia II Absorptive Panel

Geopanel Symfonia I Reflective Panel

Available LEED Credits*

MR 4: Recycled content
MR 5: Locally manufactured & harvested materials
MR 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials
MR 7: FSC Chain of Custody Certification
EQ 4.2: Low VOC Finishes
EQ 4.4: Composite panels: No Added Urea Formaldehyde

* Must be specified prior to tender and ordering.

Project: Davis Recital Hall

Location: Davis, CA


  • Panels are factory curved to the radius and shape specified (2D only)
  • Typically no field modifications are required
  • Easy installation using standard hardware or custom engineered installation hardware
  • Drastically reduced installation cost
  • Contribute towards LEED certification
  • Choice of veneers
  • Seismic solution is available
  • Easy to use Geometrik hardware available upon request


Ceiling and Walls

Auditoriums & Conference Rooms


Home Theaters

Lobbies/Reception Area

Multipurpose Areas

Banks & Executive Boardrooms

Schools, Colleges, Universities

Large Open Office Spaces

Performance Spaces

Worship Facilities

Project: Big Al's Bowling

Location: Ontario, CA


Thickness Various
Size Manufacturer standard and custom
Panel Edges Edge Banded
Coating20 sheen clear low VOC
Product Types non-woven acoustic fabric
by Acoustics Symfonia I - Acoustical Reflectors Symfonia II - Acoustically Absorptive panels
by Shape Convex Concave Convex/Concave
Custom Stain available upon request
Fire Treatment Class A (available upon request)
Panel weight approx. 2 lbs/SF
FinishLarge variety of veneers

Environmental Statement

Geometrik is committed to putting every effort into preserving our forest for future generations. We actively promote panels made of engineered wood that are environmentally friendly, easy to recycle, made of recycled fiber and have a low impact on the environment. Geometrik offers wood ceiling and wall panels that are manufactured using environmentally preferable products (EPP), such as low emitting sustainable fiberboard (SDF) that contains pre-consumer and/or post-consumer recycled fiber and has no added urea formaldehyde. As well, Geometrik uses low VOC finishes to contribute to sustainable design.