About Geometrik

Geometrik is a wood acoustical design and manufacturing company that focuses on supplying specialty wood products for clients across the globe. The company was established in 2007 and quickly grew to become one of the largest wood ceiling manufacturers on the West Coast of North America.

The knowledge of our highly skilled workforce combined with implementation of advanced industry technologies has allowed our company to supply some of the most advanced and architecturally complex projects in the industry.


We strive to become a global wood acoustical design and manufacturing hub known for it’s high quality, innovation and social corporate responsibility standards.


Our purpose is to design and manufacture extensively customizable high-quality wood panelling solutions for projects that showcase their unique nature and sustainable design.


Our goal is to build a business community of like minded industry professionals that will contribute co-operative business environment focussed on innovative design solutions in wood acoustical systems.


We value strong integrity, mutual trust and ongoing pursuit of excellence. We give up most respect to our business partners clients and employees and we work hard to create a business environment that engages and grows our community of stakeholders.


We treat all our employees with highest degree of respect. We are quick to recognize achievements earned through hard work and dedication. We encourage our employees to develop new work skills and abilities through participation in our diverse multicultural environment consisting of industry professionals.


We are committed to providing our existing and new clients with the best quality product. We appreciate and support all our faithful clients who truly value our product and effort. We put in hard work and dedication to build a strong connections with our clients and transition our relationships into partnerships.


We regard all business partners with upmost respect. We are grateful to have many business partners that have helped shape the course of our company. We constantly seek new partners who understand our business needs and work closely with our company to help us turn our vision into reality.

Environmental Care

We strongly believe that environmental care is the key to building a better future for our global communities. As a company we work hard to implement green technologies and resources that help reduce or eliminate the environmental impact in the wood manufacturing process. Geometrik actively participates in Leadership in Energy Environmental Design (LEED) program. All product lines have diverse variety of available LEED credits.