Geopanel Microperfo S Microperforated Panels

Geopanel MicroPERFO S is the flagship of the Geometrik product lineup. This panel system is our leading product line in terms of aesthetics, acoustical performance and design.

With superior noise reduction performance, Geopanel MicroPERFO S is a true testament of Geometrik’s craftsmanship and perfection. This panel system offered as ceiling panels, wall panels, T & G planks and ceiling tile. Additionally, the panels can be customized in terms of specie, stain, size and shape.

Geopanel MicroPERFO S is ideal for projects that require unparalleled acoustics while retaining the natural essence of wood.



Geopanel MicroPERFO S T&G Planks: can be purchased in a T&G form to allow a true undisturbed aesthetic appearance. Geopanel MicroPERFO S T&G can be applied to both ceilings and walls using the included Geometrik T&G Clips that make the installation fast, simple and efficient.

The Geopanel MicroPERFO S Ceiling Tiles: are available in tegular edge, lay-in or concealed side groove edge profiles. Installing the Geopanel MicroPERFO S as a ceiling tile will define a more symmetrical design concept and provide the user with high degree of accessibility.

Geopanel MicroPERFO S Panelized System: can be installed as standard and custom sized panels in ceiling and wall applications. Ceiling installation can be achieved using either the z-hanger or the torsion springs. Wall applications can be easily installed using Z-clips attached to the wooden furring.

Regardless of the selected panel type or application, the installation of Geopanel MicroPERFO S is simple, efficient and enjoyable.

Available LEED Credits*

MR 4: Recycled content
MR 5: Locally manufactured & harvested materials
MR 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials
MR 7: FSC Chain of Custody Certification
EQ 4.2: Low VOC Finishes
EQ 4.4: Composite panels: No Added Urea Formaldehyde

* Must be specified prior to tender and ordering.

Project: Private Office TI Kelowna

Location: Kelowna, BC


  • 0.5mm perforations provide consistent continous look of the undisturbed wood grain
  • Typically suspended from standard Heavy Duty Black 15/16 T-Bar
  • Easy installation using standard hardware or custom engineered installation hardware
  • Very high in our NRC Rating
  • Contribute towards LEED certification
  • Choice of veneer, stains, and finishes
  • Seismic solution is available
  • Easy to use Geometrik hardware available upon request


Ceiling and Walls

Auditoriums & Conference Rooms


Home Theaters

Lobbies/Reception Area

Multipurpose Areas

Banks & Executive Boardrooms

Schools, Colleges, Universities

Large Open Office Spaces

Performance Spaces

Worship Facilities

Project: Private Office TI Kelowna

Location: Kelowna, BC


Thickness5/8", 11/16", 3/4"
SizeManufacturer standard and custom
Product StyleMicro Perforated
Coating20 sheen clear low VOC
BackerNon-woven acoustic fabric
Panel EdgeEdge Banded
Custom StainAvailable upon request
Fire TreatmentClass A (available upon request)
Panel WeightApprox. 2 lbs/SF
FinishLarge variety of veneers

Environmental Statement

Geometrik is committed to putting every effort into preserving our forest for future generations. We actively promote panels made of engineered wood that are environmentally friendly, easy to recycle, made of recycled fiber and have a low impact on the environment. Geometrik offers wood ceiling and wall panels that are manufactured using environmentally preferable products (EPP), such as low emitting sustainable fiberboard (SDF) that contains pre-consumer and/or post-consumer recycled fiber and has no added urea formaldehyde. As well, Geometrik uses low VOC finishes to contribute to sustainable design.