About Geolinear

The Geolinear suspended wood ceiling system offers a continuous or seamless solution versus alternate panelized linear wood backed system. This system works well in large open areas such as corridors and hallways bringing a natural beautiful and undisturbed design into an open space that requires high quality acoustical performance or divine aesthetic design.

The acoustical properties of this system are achieved by high quality, acoustical insulation materials above the ceiling. The Geolinear is available in multiple configurations with different widths of the planks. Geolinear’s highlights include easy installation, dynamic application and affordability for those looking for a cost-conscious solution.


Installation Highlights

The Geolinear continuous system is an easy and progressive type of installation. Geolinear uses either random or set lengths of planks depending on the material, to achieve long stretches of ceiling which allows each row of planks to satisfy its continuous, undisturbed ceiling conditions.

Geometrik supplies a hand clamp installation tool for the planks to snap into the grid simultaneously. Geometrik supplied main t- bar rails with factory attached clips allow the contractor to swiftly attached the planks into your desired space. The T-bar can be curved to beautiful ceiling to wall transitions and unique ceiling applications.

Available LEED Credits*

MR 4: Recycled content
MR 5: Locally manufactured & harvested materials
MR 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials
MR 7: FSC Chain of Custody Certification
EQ 4.2: Low VOC Finishes
EQ 4.4: Composite panels: No Added Urea Formaldehyde

* Must be specified prior to tender and ordering.

Project: Bethel Transit Terminal

Location: Sherwood Park, AB


  • Cost Effective Alternative to millwork
  • Supplied as ready to install panels
  • Size of blades and number of blades per panel are fully customizable
  • Suspended from standard heavy duty 15/16 T-Bar
  • Easy installation using standard hardware or custom engineered installation hardware
  • Can be installed as fully accessible panels using
  • Geometrik Wood Backer Clips
  • Lightweight – no heavy framing support
  • Seismic installation available
  • Contribute towards LEED certification
  • Choice of solid wood and veneer
  • High NRC Rating
  • Easy to use Geometrik hardware available upon request


Ceiling and Walls

Auditoriums & Conference Rooms


Home Theaters

Lobbies/Reception Area

Multipurpose Areas

Banks & Executive Boardrooms

Schools, Colleges, Universities

Large Open Office Spaces

Performance Spaces

Worship Facilities

Project: Vaughan Civic Center Public Library

Location: Vaughan, ON


Blade size 3/4"
Blade width 5-1/4, 3-1/2, 2-1/2
Panel width 12" (custom width available)
Panel length up to 10’
Reveal Standard 3/4" covered with Black Fiberfelt
SpeciesSee Chart
StyleWood Backer Flexible Wood Backers
Options Acoustic Fabric Solid or Wood Veneer Wood Backer Clips
Coating20 sheen clear low VOC
Custom stain to match architect’s sample
Fire Treatment Class A (available upon request)
Panel weight approx. 1-1/2 lbs
FinishLarge variety of veneers and solid wood

Environmental Statement

Geometrik is committed to putting every effort into preserving our forest for future generations. We actively promote panels made of engineered wood that are environmentally friendly, easy to recycle, made of recycled fiber and have a low impact on the environment. Geometrik offers wood ceiling and wall panels that are manufactured using environmentally preferable products (EPP), such as low emitting sustainable fiberboard (SDF) that contains pre-consumer and/or post-consumer recycled fiber and has no added urea formaldehyde. As well, Geometrik uses low VOC finishes to contribute to sustainable design.