An Infinite Selection of Finishes

Geometrik’s wood ceiling and wall systems are available in a countless selection of woods and finishes. We always do our very best to match the material and finish to both a project’s desired effect and budget.

The right materials for your projectVariations

Geometrik works with many wood species of different variations, and works with architects to choose the right species for specific projects.

From contemporary to traditional, our team of wood experts will help to find the right species to bring your vision to life.

Custom stain perfectionSTAINS

Geometrik is able to use staining techniques to provide an accurate colour match in a species of your choice. We are able to achieve a project’s vision through careful planning and staining accuracy.

Having one of the best stain abilities on the market is not just a bragging right, but rather a privilege and an honour. As such, we enjoy adding new life into a magnitude of unique wood species, both common and uncommon.